Saturday, March 27, 2010

terms and conditions =)

hey peeps! mish us, "the triple trouble" who always trouble ur serenity & tranquility of lifee ..with our perfumes tagging...lallalalalla? oh u do mishhh us...hahaa? yeah, we mish u too guys! YET, dun mind us tagging ol of u..OOO sweetttt..nagahhahah~~

our sales so far was awesome! GREATTTT....thanks to all our lovely buyers because of their trust and their efforts to make the payments on time. we love making business with this kind of peeps kay. we ain't got troubles, u ain't feel the trouble to hear about it. hehe.

ok lets go straight to the the root of my intention why i loaded this entry.

i need to emphasize on some FEW important things on doing business with us after this. i listed out all of it, what i think is important for now, though. here they are :

1. whenever u make an order, please leave your HP number and emel address. we wont contact you for any selfish promotions dear. its just for the sake of our business transaction flow. just to call u to ask whether u got the parcel or not or any other crucial things. thats it! no sms spamming too. we did'nt have much credit to spam people lah. =P we save credit only to txt our loved ones most of the time.ngahahhahaha~~~~

2. be a serious buyer. we dont really mind if some of you asking Q but didnt buy any after that. if u ask for something and want us to check for the items availability and luckily that thing is available, please do reply us back. dont stay silent. whether to order or cancel it, we dont really mind. it doenst matter us....we want ONLY feedback...GOT IT???so that we can delete you frm our waiting customer list.

3. avoid asking our favorite-all-the-time-Q, "is that original??" my my OOO mY. as we mentioned earliest since the twentieth century ...since the 1st blog exists in this world...ngahahhaa... am i tooo much with my word???;) from our previous entry, we didnt have the nerve to cheat lah! MEANING, once we start to cheat, 3 of us start shaking(nervous)..ngahahha~~~voleey cm gtew x??;) what is ORIGINAL, IS STATED ORIGINAL. defected or no defect areas, also will be stated. come on, we also had bought items from some other blogs, and we care not to ask this kind of integrity-shaking Q. haha. but if you if u dont believe us, nothing we can say. a loss for us though.

4. dah tatau pe lagi..hehe.. g la survey2 guys anythng..;) for any assistance, do not feel hesitate to call us.;)

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