Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hello mello~

Firstly i would like to introduce ourselves. this blogshop belongs to the three of us nadia, lissa and aqmar. and all the items displayed belong to any one of us. so any business transactions can be made between 3 of us lah kan. for the pricing strictly no bargain kay, since the price was decided according to how many times we wear them and how defected the items and plus2 discount some more. so it's cheaper la kalo nak compare kat luar.

Tapi tak leh la murah sangat kerana bakal mengakibatkan kerugian pula pada kami. ouh tidak. maka mari mengamalkan win-win situation. kami untungs dan anda senang hati mendapat barangs. ade -s sebab mengharapkan anda membeli scara plural dan kami untung scara plural juge. kehkeh.

For the delivery of the purchased items, we will post it to u and of course some additional posting cost will be charged. all the details will be updated very soon. it is good if u live near Puchong, putrajya,bangi , sunway n sahalam area because we can hand it and send it by ourselves.


yazzer 'bluesy' jacobs said...

you guys shud sell guys product la.. baru market! haha

m(o_O)is moois said...

ouh mane plak we olls nak dapat guy products..kene carik husband dlu la..pastu jual sume harta2 dia..hehe =P

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